Masterpost: Stim Toys


My cat Buffy with some of my stim toys 🙂

I’ve written a few posts about stimming so far (1, 2).

I frequently get messages and emails from readers asking after my recommendations for stim toys.

Thankfully, the autistic kids of the millennial diagnostic wave are growing up, as is the neurodiversity movement, and we’ve been seeing a huge surge in the mainstream production of fidget toys.

Below is a brief (but ever-increasing) list of my favorite stim toys!

It’s a work in progress, meaning I’ll be adding to this whenever I try out some new cool stim. I just keep putting off publishing this post because the list doesn’t feel “complete,” so I figured–what the hay! I’ll post it now, and just add to it as-needed.




Wacky Tracks


Zipper bracelets




  • Less subtle, but oh so essential! Can be found in different textures and durabilities for all chewing intensity levels.

Spinner rings


Fidget spinners


Fidget cubes


  • My all-time favorite! Very multipurpose. There’s a tactile stim for everyone on these. Each side is a different stim, and some sides even have more than one stim.
    • The original kind are worth it. Smoother mechanics for a more enjoyable experience.
    • Many knock-offs are available online for cheap though!

Weighted blankets


Keychain fidgets


More autism-friendly products and apps can be found at my tumblr blog here.

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